Alpha v0.8 released!

Hello everyone,

there's a new Super Tux Party release in town!

We've been working a lot on visuals in this release. We've added cell-shading, to get a more cartoony style.

Not cell shadedCell shaded

As you can see, we've also changed our board space design to a hexagonal shape and new textures that fit our cartoony theme.

But visuals are not the only thing that's coming in this release. We've got a new minigame called Memory. This is a 2v2 minigame where you and your partner need to find matching card pairs. The team that finds the most of them wins.

We've recruited a host for the boards.

Welcome the official hostess for Super Tux Party, Sara, the OpenGameArt mascot:

She will be happy to show you around the board and explain the rules if you're not already familiar with them.

At last I want to thank our kind translators. Thanks to their effort, we've got translations for three new languages: Norwegian Bokmål, Russian and Turkish 🎉

If you want to see Super Tux Party translated to your language, then lend us a hand on Hosted Weblate

That's it for now.  
See you next release!

Changelog v0.8

New features

  • Screenshot key (Default: F2)
  • Show licenses for shaders in the credits screen
  • New 2v2 minigame: Memory 
    • Find matching card pairs!
  • Added Sarah as the boards' host 
    • Gives tutorial on first start, explaining the basic mechanics   
      • Can be skipped
    • Announces what happens on the board (e.g. the cake is bought and moves to another space)
  • Translation progress from our project on [Hosted Weblate](
    • Added Translation for Norwegian Bokmål (98% complete) to the game
    • Added Translation for Russian (100% complete) to the game
    • Added Translation for Turkish (100% complete) to the game

Improved / Changed

  • Lots of visual improvements 
    • New Harvest Food minigame background
    • Added furniture to Haunted Dreams minigame
    • Added a bowling alley theme to the Bowling minigame
      • Boxes fall from the sky, stunning players hit, while also blocking the bowling ball   
      • Easier movement controls for the solo player 
    • Better and gamepad type agnostic control icons
    • Cell shaded everything
    • Hexagon board spaces
    • New character splash art
    • Fixed floating spaces on the KDEValley board 
    • Better Shop UI
  • Reorganized the control mapping menu
      - Makes it easier to navigate the options with a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug that caused newly added human players to become AI players after leaving and starting a new game
  • The randomization algorithms avoids playing the same minigame multiple times in a row
      - Doesn't work between sessions
  • The main menu music now starts to play after the audio volume options are loaded

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Version v0.8 Nov 02, 2020 196 MB
Version v0.8 Nov 02, 2020

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