Alpha v0.3 released!

After a long wait, v0.3 is finally released for Super Tux Party, a free/libre and open-source party game that is meant toreplicate the feel of games such as Mario Party. With over 140 commits since the last update, v0.3 brings a lot of changes and improvements, new minigames, a new board and much more. All source code for this release can be found on the master branch on GitLab. Enjoy!

Alpha Version - v0.3 - 2019-02-02

New features

  • KDEValley, a new board
  • Escape from lava, a new minigame
  • New background for main menu
  • New scenery for 'test' board
  • Added screenshot for 'Bowling minigame'
  • Frame cap and VSync can now be set in options
  • Items (e.g. Dice and traps)
  • Items can be bought in Shop Spaces (purple color)

Improved / Changed

  • Each character can only be chosen once now
  • New GUI theme
  • Options can now be opened in-game
  • Smooth rotations for board movement

Internally the project has been restructured and switched to the Gitflow Workflow.

Files 195 MB
Version 0.3 Feb 02, 2019 196 MB
Version 0.3 Feb 02, 2019 196 MB
Version 0.3 Feb 02, 2019

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