A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NOTE: This game is currently in ALPHA stage of development

A free/libre and open-source party game that is meant to replicate the feel of games such as Mario Party.

The code repository can be found on gitlab.

It's your turn

Install instructions

Download one of the zip files for your platform and extract them.


super-tux-party-windows-64.zip 298 MB
Version v0.6 12 days ago
super-tux-party-osx-64.zip 300 MB
Version v0.6 12 days ago
super-tux-party-linux-64.zip 300 MB
Version v0.6 12 days ago
super-tux-party-sources.zip 629 MB
Version v0.6 12 days ago

Development log


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Are there going to be bowser space like spaces

We don't quite have them yet, but we have a framework started and will be adding them in the next few releases

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Made a short trailer video of the game as far as I could experience it yet - enjoy and feel free to embed!

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Very cool :D Would be great to find this on Lutris / Steam, also online multiplayer :) Keep up the good work!

Lutris is currently being looked into, as well as Athenaeum and will hopefully be added by the next release. We also have online multiplayer on the roadmap, but that's a little harder to implement. Not sure when that will be included.


Lets get online multiplayer :-)

This is very very cool! But I have to report, that there is no sound in the Linux build.

Project files can not be opened in Godot 3.0.6, while it works in godot 3.1 (which is still a full of bugs version of Godot) 

No sound was common (and still is) as we don't have very many BGM tracks that fit the style we're looking for. As of right now we do have BGM for both of our boards and two of our mini games, but we're still working on adding more.


This is probably the worst game I've ever played. 


Do you judge every game by their alpha state? Because that's going to lead to unfair comparisons given that many proprietary game companies rarely if ever allow you to play games at this stage of development.

singleplayer available?


Yes, single-player with bots or offline co-op is available

good. I am downloading